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Tweet - It's Me Again

Now, first off, I should probably preface this review with a statement and disclaimer. I generally think this kind of music is for pussies and I don't really listen to lyrics, unless they are rapped. Now that that's out of the way, let's get down to business.

Intro [It's Me Again]
Intros are purposeless, but at least with R&B, they're usually musical. Hopefully this wont be an audio of some gay, late-night phone conversation, which seems to happen a lot in this genre

This is some gospel crap that sounds a lot like that shitty funeral song, Gangster Lean by D.R.S. She mentioned the word blessed, so I stopped listening.

Turn The Lights Off
Surprisingly, this song was produced by President Polka Dot, Kwame. Who knew he had talent? Ex-fatass, Missy, chips in on this one. Kinda pleasurable.

This is called Iceberg, but for some reason it has a Messican vibe to it. Actually, this song sounds exactly like Antonio Banderas' first guitar lesson. I swear to Jesus, this song was played by a beginner.

Could It Be
This song sounds like it was produced in the future. But not the really cool, Minority Report kind of future. More like a future where all the creative people died of disease.

This song was also produced by a beginner. I think he must of been Kenyan.

Cab Ride
The title for this one sounds super cool from the start. If Tweet has any sense, she'll make a bad ass song to go along with this cool ass title.

Hmm...Tweet is clever. This song is pretty cool. This is a redux of the T.V. show, Taxi's, theme song. The tempo is clearly made for homos, but with that aside, this song is well done. If this was the only jam on the album, Tweet wouldn't be such a loser.

Actually, I'm very tempted to listen to lyrics on this one, but I don't get down like that. This might be the non-rap jam of 2005

Things I Don't Mean
Whoa...get your leg warmers out for this one. This has 1984 written all over it. The soon-to-be-fat-again, Missy helps out on here. Entertaining and up beat. You can burn 10 calories to this.

My Man
If anybody other than Prince produced this song, they need to be shot in the ass. Somehow, Tweet even altered her voice to sound like Prince on the hook. This song passes.

Sports Sex & Food
Oh my Godness...look at that title! Tweet is an expert at song titles. This song better be fucking awesome. [Pressing play...]

Hmm...she fucked up a totally good formula with this song. I've heard this beat somewhere. Some shitty rap song. Can't remember where. I think it was that dude B Rich from Balitmore (shitty city). This song should have been titled, PMS, Chores, & Dentist.

Small Change
Hells yeah! This song is pretty hot -- I mean if you like this kind of Wham music. This is the stuff D'Angelo would be making if he wasn't such a lazy sack of shit. Can you believe that mofo has only put out 2 albums in 10 years?

Two Of Us
This song has a flute in it and secretly I've always loved the flute (no homo). Tweet introduces her daughter on here. I don't really get it, because her voice sounds like a 30 year old's, which would make Tweet a whopping, face-lifted 56 years of age. Her daughter's name is Tashawna, which makes her from either Detroit, Baltimore, or Gary, Indiana. The formula also suggests that Tweet's real name is either Ta or Shawna.

Where Do We Go From Here
Tweet finally got a professional musician to play guitar on this track. The melody of the 1st verse sounds like some Snyder song from the 70's. Don't ask me what she is singing about, cuz I ain't no sucka.

Another hot title. If I ever make an album, Tweet is gonna be in charge of song titles. I will also have her draft a list of musicians I should manicure with an ax.

I imagine that Tweet's fan base plays this song when gearing up for their annual parade. What I mean is...this song is half homo, half hot.

I'm Done
I wonder if anyone pointed out to Tweet that (1) Her name is effing ridonkulous and... (2) This song, titled I'm Done blows her credibility. Considering that there is another song to go, she clearly is not done.

We Don't Need No Water/When I Need A Man
Is that song title a sentence? Because, it doesn't make any sense. What does she mean by that?

Apparently, Tweet recruited an autistic man to play guitar on this repetitive song. If this track were 6 seconds long, I'd like it better.

3.5 out of 5

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