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Trick Daddy - Thug Matrimony

Fuckin' Around Intro
This is an intro, so naturally I'm expecting this to suck. Wait, it was over before I could finish writing. I don't know what that was. Im sure it was pointless.

Fuckin' Around
I dont have a track listing, so I don't know who this first country D.M. is. Trick comes thru acting ig'nant as ever. This beat isn't very good and there are at least 4 of his loser homies on this song. Sucks big time.

Let's Go
Hmm...this is a Tricky rendition of some rock song by, Ozzy 'Parkinsons' Osbourne. Not sure which one. Twista shows up for the second verse rapping a tad too fast. Oh, and Lil 'Same Song' Jon is also on this one. Expect to hear this song come playoff time. Not bad. Not good. Catchy, I guess.

Gangsta Livin'
Trick says at the beginning of this ear-sore that, "Pac woulda loved this one." If I'm hearing this song for what it is, and Pac was what he was...then surely Makaveli will record a diss record for Trick's suggestion that Pac had no common sense. This song is sooo shitty.

These Are The Daze
Decent sample at first's listen. Gets old quick, though. Only Pac could freak such a repetitive track like this. Daddy is kicking some serious knowledge on here, which is utterly ridonkulous. Trick says "Momma ain't raise no chumps" -- I believe him on that one. This song is gay.

I Wanna Sang
Now, I haven't started this one yet, but based on the title, this should be fuckin' hilurious. Let's see.

Wow! Does anyone remember Hi-C? DJ Quik's jheri curl homie from back in the day? Well, apparently, Slick Daddy snuck one of his tracks away from him while he was getting perm'd up. Trick says something about not being a crack addict. which I'm sure is a total lie. Oops, almost forgot -- this song is ass.

The Children's Song
Again, I haven't started this one, but my 700 on the S.A.T. leads me to believe that a suck pattern is evolving.

Oh yea, I'm totally bitchin'! This song sucks. Note: this is the 3rd song with Trick Daddy's chil'ren sanging the hook. Why is Trick raising these kids?

U Neva Know
Semi-normal title, with a kewl spelling of the word 'Never'.

Fuck me! Neva eva listen to this song. Trash.

Sugar [Gimme Some]
Uh oh...sexy title...
This is the first kinda-normal, grown-up song on this album. Ceelo singing the hook tries to save this one. Ludacris attempts to help out also. With a title like Sugar [Gimme Some] I expected some T&A on this track. Instead, we got 3 southern Jackson's singing about cotton candy. Does it get any gayer?

Skits named skit bother the hell out of me. Whatta a waste of time.

Menage A Trois
I'm expecting more gay audio-porn based on the title of this one. Hmm...wait a sec, this tune is pretty-not-bad. The beat isn't offensive like the rest. Trick still sticks to his boy-on-boy-sex song formula. I don't know who the other dude is.

Ok, this song is closer to what Trick is known for. This jam is Grade-A, strip club material. Finally, there is some Vatican City approved sex talk on this track, thanks to Khia. By the way, the song title stands for Jump On Da Dick.

4 Eva
This song was produced by Jazzy Pha, but it sounds more like 'The Dave Matthews Band'. This song was made for suckas.

I Cry
Somehow Trick convinced super freak extraordinaire, Ron Isley to squeal on this one. He sounds like he might have had something to do with the production too. Not bad if you like this sorta thing. I, however, am far too gangsta for this kind of stuff.

Thugs About
There will probably be a video for this one.

Ain't A Thug
Holy Crap! This is a remix to New Edition's If It Isn't Love. Trick is truly out of his Pork n' Beansin' mind with this one. About an 8 on the gay meter.

Down Wit Da South
Ok...this is the last song on a totally shitty album...but I have faith in this one. Based on the title, I'm expecting a bitchin' track with a rambunctious beat. Keep it real for me, Trick...

Son of a bitch! Rambunctious, maybe...Bitchin'? Neva!! Fuck you Trick Daddy.

3 out of 5

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