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Ludacris - The Red Light District

Intros generally annoy the shit out of me. This is one of those half-song types. What's the point of that? I assume it usually means the hook writer is MIA. Boring beat...so so lyrics. Listen once, skip forever after.

Number One Spot
Hmm...bizarre. This is a pretty creative, albeit corny, version of the Austin Powers theme song. It's actually secretly enjoyable like most of Luda's material. I appreciate the weak jab he took at Bill O'Reilly, who i would love to shit on if given the chance. This song is ok.

Get Back
Im pretty sure this is Luda's shitty new single. I can't be sure because I've avoided it at all costs. This song is fucking stupid.

Put Your Money
Apparently, DMX is on this song. Im mildly excited to hear what Crack Dog has to say. I think I hear some cheap 50 cent PIMP-esque steel drums in the background. This beat is filler trash. Still no DMX outside of the hook. Im going to assume that X stopped by jail on the way to the studio. All in all - shitty song.

Blueberry Yum Yum
Oh geezus. This one has some kind of Euro-trash beat and Ludacris is using some new kind of delivery. I was initially hopeful that a song with such a shitty title had to be sorta cool. In this case, shitty title = shitty song.

Child of the night
The beat on this one is pretty cool. Vintage Teena Marie shit with Ol'Faithful, Nate Dizzle on the hook. This song woulda been the shit if only Big Boi and his psychotic rhyme homie had recorded it in 98'. Plutocris is out of his element in this format.

OK...Yes! This is right up Luda's alley. Bitchin percussion, courtesy of the short, fat, Timbaland. There seems to be some kind of Owl hooting throughout the song tho. Not sure I like it. --Fuck!-- At around the 2:40 mark, you'll hear a bad decision. 2:52, back in the groove. Yes! Also, throughout the song, if you listen very (and I mean very) closely, with head phones maybe, you'll think your cell phone is ringing in the next room.

Pass Out
This jam sounds like a mix between Scott Storch and the Neptunes, with white boy Scott handling the tighter side of the track. "I lay low like Reebie Jackson", I like that, but not much else.

Ludercris felt like it was ok to name this shitty skit, Skit. Im annoyed. I do appreciate the OG shoutout tho. Thanks.

Spur of the Moment
This is a DJ Quik beat. Luda should be P.O.'d because, Im 90% sure Quik has given this same beat to at least 12 other artists. Snoop should be upset also.

Who Not Me
Luda introduced new members of his DTP crew at the beginning of this song. I can only assume they will be dragging this song from worse to worst. If this gets any better after the :45 mark, somebody let me know.

Large Amounts
The hook on this song is fucking retarded.

Pimpin' All Over the World
Um, I think I like this beat, but will probably hate it later. This song would have probably been better for that space cadet, Kelis. Plus, Ludo's subject matter is um, dumb. Side note, has anyone seen Cassidy's new dance? What the fuck is wrong with that boy?

Two Miles an Hour
This song starts out sounding like "Crumblin' Herb" from Outkast, but then goes somewhere else. I think you have to like heroin to love this song. Sober? cool enough.

Cris made a big mistake by not putting Scarface on this track. Trick Daddy filled in, I suppose. Shout out to Trick, by the way, for being one of the world's largest ignoramuses.

Yea, the same Virgo from Nas' long ass album. Fits much better on this album.

3.5 out of 5

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