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Suge Knight
Ok, hopefully you all had a chance to read part 1 of my award winning interview with Suge Knight. We covered a lot of ground, but there were still some things that needed to be asked. I arranged to meet with Suge at the Krispy Kreme located on Crenshaw and MLK blvd. Again, he was late, and again I was annoyed. But again, I kept it to myself. Well, let's get to it...
OG Bobby J: Well Suge...thanks so much for taking the time to sit down and talk to me again. I have loads more questions for you, and your fans, I'm sure they want to kno --
Suge Knight: Where's my ipod?
OG Bobby J: Excuse me?
Suge Knight: I lost my ipod, you said had it. So, give it up. That's why I'm here.
OG Bobby J: Right...Um, actually it is in my car. I would be glad to get it, but maybe first, we can get some of these questions out of the way. Sound ok?
Suge Knight: What questions?
OG Bobby J: Well, I'm sure your fans would like to know some more things about you. Things like --
Suge Knight: Dude, just hurry the fuck up.
OG Bobby J: Will do! So, nice to see you again. It's been too long.
Suge Knight: Too long?
OG Bobby J: Too long for us to not have gotten togeth -- well, nevermind.
Suge Knight: Right, move on.
OG Bobby J: Ok...let's see. Hey! Actually, I bumped into you at the VMA's in Miami last week. How awesome was that? Amember that? We were laughing so hard.
Suge Knight: Who?
OG Bobby J: Me and you.
Suge Knight: No
OG Bobby J: No what?
Suge Knight: No, I don't remember. And no, we weren't.
OG Bobby J: Sure we were. I came up to you and said, "Hey, Suge!! Watch this!!!" Then I broke out into a move on the dance floor. I think it was the Crunk Monk. Anyway, I was getting down, tearing it up, as usual. Kinda like I was possessed or somefing. I turned around and you were laughing. Then I started laughing. It was awesome, Me and you hanging out like that.
Suge Knight: Ipod, please.
OG Bobby J: Wait. Not finished...We were laughing all hard and hanging out. It was so awesome.
Suge Knight: We weren't hanging out.
OG Bobby J: For a sec we were.
Suge Knight: No.
OG Bobby J: Yes. By the way, I have a question. How come you didn't help me afterwards. I totally got the shit kicked outta me by some random dude. I mean, almost immediately after we started laughing and hanging, a dude grabbed me by the face and pushed it into his knee, then into his shoe, and then into a table.
Suge Knight: Yea, Hobo.
OG Bobby J: Hobo? You know him? Red shirt and red shoes?
Suge Knight: Yea, Hobo. He works for me. Security of sorts.
OG Bobby J: Oh. Well, tell him he needs glasses. He can even get some red ones if he wants. Anyway, he is totally beating up your friends. Possibly, your family even. Pets too.
Suge Knight: It's doubtful, but I'll be sure to tell him. We done here?
OG Bobby J: Almost. So, busy weekend, huh?
Suge Knight: I'm always busy.
OG Bobby J: But, this one involved bullets. Bullets equals busier.
Suge Knight: Well, then yea. Busy weekend, but leave that topic alone. We're not getting into that right now.
OG Bobby J: Ok, gotcha.
OG Bobby J: So, who shot you? I heard he was wearing a pink shirt. He must of been gay, huh? Like, so so gay. Like, all gay, with a gay little gay-gun, right? Whatta loser. Like, Whatta gay gay loser, huh?
Suge Knight: Dog, are you listening to me? Did you hear what I said?
OG Bobby J: Um, well...hmm. I don't know. Usually, when other people talk, I use that time to think about what I'm going to say next. So, yea, maybe I didn't hear you.
Suge Knight: Whatever. Ipod
OG Bobby J: Huh?
Suge Knight: My ipod please.
OG Bobby J: Sure, just a moment.
OG Bobby J: So, moving on...You went to the hospital, no?
Suge Knight: Yes, I did.
OG Bobby J: Spend the night?
Suge Knight: Yes.
OG Bobby J: Breakfast?
Suge Knight: Dude, if were gonna sit here --
OG Bobby J: Hang out.
Suge Knight: What?
OG Bobby J: You said sit, you meant hang.
Suge Knight: No! I said what I meant! If were gonna SIT here -- I would at least like to talk about some of my artists. Mainly, Kurupt. He has a new album out. It's called --
OG Bobby J: In a sec...Cereals? Fruit? Eggs?
Suge Knight: What the fuck are you talking about?
OG Bobby J: Breakfast. Cereals? Fruit? Eggs?
Suge Knight: Yes
OG Bobby J: What? Yes, what?
Suge Knight: Yes to breakfast. They gave me breakfast.
OG Bobby J: No, the proper answer to that question would have been: Yes, No, Yes. Or maybe -- No, No, Yes. I named three different breakfast's, in order of importance.
Suge Knight: I had Cheerios, Cantelou--
OG Bobby J: Damn. That's cool. Honey Nut? Regular? That new Apple kind?
Suge Knight: Against the grain.
OG Bobby J: What? Why? Grain is the staple ingredient in most cerea--
Suge Knight: That's the name of Kurupt's new album. Against the Grain. Either talk about that or talk about my ipod.
OG Bobby J: Ahh, totally...sorry for the delay. i just wanted to make sure we got a chance to cover the things your fans have been dying to know. So, now we can get on to the other stuff.
Suge Knight: Right. Just get to it.
OG Bobby J: Sure...Here is your ipod. I guess I had it in my pocket this whole time. Again, thanks for reconnecting with me.
Suge Knight: Wait, that's it?
OG Bobby J: Well, I don't really want to talk about that other stuff. It makes me sleepy.
Suge Knight: Hold up, is there a problem here?
OG Bobby J: Huh?
Suge Knight: We got a muhfuckin' problem here!?
OG Bobby J: Ooh, got it! Ice Cube, Boyz N Da Hood.
Suge Knight: Say what, Nigga?
OG Bobby J: Ice Cube in Boyz N Da Hood. He said that to that jerk on Crenshaw. That was classic. Ok, next one...
Suge Knight: Fuck You!
OG Bobby J: Dang, so many to choose from. I'll pick...uhhh...Oh! Ok, the guy Samuel Jackson shoots at the beginning of Menace II Society. You amember? He was like, "Fuck you, jack!" That was great. Good one. Anyway, look Suge, I would love to play with you some more, but I really should be going.
OG Bobby J: OK?
Suge Knight: [Silence]
OG Bobby J: Say something. Hello?
Suge Knight: [More silence]
OG Bobby J: Well, be that way...We will talk soon?
Suge Knight: [Looking at finger nails]
OG Bobby J: Well, I guess you're being that way. So, I'm just gonna go, k?
Suge Knight: [Scowl]
OG Bobby J: Um, well...ok, I'm gone...Audi 5000

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