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Suge Knight
Yesterday, I had the luxury of meeting with Suge Knight for an interview. It had been a long time since I had seen Sugar Bear, so I was pretty excited. We were scheduled to meet at Houston's in Pasadena at 2:00 p.m. Suge, unfortunately didn't show up till about 10:45. I was sleepy and pissed off, but chose not to say anything about it.
O.G. Bobby J: Whoa, you're huge.
Suge Knight: Yea
O.G. Bobby J: But, I mean, like super huge
Suge Knight: Ok
O.G. Bobby J: Like, maybe the hugest dude I've I seen since I was incarcera--
Suge Knight: Dog, I get it!
O.G. Bobby J: Oh, ok, sorry...
O.G. Bobby J: So, thank you for taking the time to sit down and talk with me
Suge Knight: Ok
O.G. Bobby J: How have you been?
Suge Knight: Ok
O.G. Bobby J: I hear you just recently were released from prison. Sorry about that.
Suge Knight: Naw, it wasn't too bad.
O.G. Bobby J: Yea, but they serve cereal at like 5 a.m. there...and you can only get it for breakfast. That definetely sucks.
Suge Knight: I'm ok with it.
O.G. Bobby J: Really?
Suge Knight: Yea, Im not big on cereal.
O.G. Bobby J: WHAT??!! What do you mean?
Suge Knight: I just don't care for it.
O.G. Bobby J: Well, have you tried all the different kinds?
Suge Knight: Dawg, I don't really want to talk about cereal.
O.G. Bobby J: Ok, Im sorry...
O.G. Bobby J: So, do you remember that time I saw you in Beverly Hills, like 5 years ago?
Suge Knight: No
O.G. Bobby J: Well, I did.
Suge Knight: Maybe.
O.G. Bobby J: No, I did.
Suge Knight: Ok.
O.G. Bobby J: Do you still drive that Mercedes?
Suge Knight: I have multiple Mercedes.
O.G. Bobby J: Well, this one had no passenger seat. You just got in the front door and sat in the back. That was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I mean, like super cool. You know? I thought, whoa! Like, it wasn't even that the seat was ripped out by thieves...this was a custom car with no passenger seat at all. I was like, Dang! Ya know? That was so cool. So, question: Can you change the radio station from there?
Suge Knight: I sold that car a long time ago.
O.G. Bobby J: I bet you miss it
Suge Knight: No, not really.
O.G. Bobby J: Gotcha. But, can you change the station from there?
Suge Knight: Dude, move on.
O.G. Bobby J: Oh...Ok, sorry
O.G. Bobby J: So, by any chance, do you remember that song, "N.E. Heartbreak", by New Edition?
Suge Knight: Yeah.
O.G. Bobby J: You like it?
Suge Knight: Not really.
O.G. Bobby J: Oh...ok. Me neither.
O.G. Bobby J: So, a couple things I'm sure your fans want to know: are you allergic to milk, by any chance?
Suge Knight: Naw. Why?
O.G. Bobby J: Just curious.
O.G. Bobby J: And do you like to sleep late?
Suge Knight: Dawg, Im just not crazy about cereal! What the fuck?
O.G. Bobby J: Oh, ok. Sorry.
O.G. Bobby J: What else? Oh, do you own any pets?
Suge Knight: Yea, I have a German Shepherd named, Damu.
O.G. Bobby J: Cool! What does that mean?
Suge Knight: Damu? It means Blood in Swahili.
O.G. Bobby J: That's fucking tough!
Suge Knight: What is?
O.G. Bobby J: That name.
Suge Knight: It is?
O.G. Bobby J: Fuck yea!!
Suge Knight: Ok, but chill out about it.
O.G. Bobby J: Right. Sorry.
O.G. Bobby J: So, do you have any other pets?
Suge Knight: Um, my son has a guppy fish named, Abraham. But, that's my son's.
O.G. Bobby J: Have you ever thought about maybe getting some other kinds of pets?
Suge Knight: Naw, because of my job, I have to travel a lot.
O.G. Bobby J: Well, some types of pets are more independent than others, so you really could if you wanted to.
Suge Knight: Obviously, I don't want to.
O.G. Bobby J: Oh.
O.G. Bobby J: Um, well, I really appreciate you sitting down and talking to me.
Suge Knight: So, you're not going to ask me about any of my artists?
O.G. Bobby J: Oh, yea...how are they doing?
Suge Knight: They are doing well, I guess.
O.G. Bobby J: That's awesome...well, again, thank you for your time.

Update: Click Here to read part 2 of my interview with Suge.

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