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Mr. T
Mr. T
That's right, bitches. The man, the myth, the legend. Check it out...
O.G. Bobby J: Mr. T! Mr. Fuckin T, in the flesh!
Mr. T: Ha ha...hey brother.
O.G. Bobby J: You're the toughest!
Mr. T: Well, thanks.
O.G. Bobby J: With outta doubt.
O.G. Bobby J: So, before we get started, later I'm gonna be writing this down to post on my site...so, question: should there be a period after the T? Like, Mister period, T period?
Mr. T: No period after the T
O.G. Bobby J: Gotcha! So, how are you?
Mr. T: I'm good, thanks.
O.G. Bobby J: Great! I want to start by letting you know...it is such an honor to be sitting down and talking with you. You are like, one of my favorite people ever.
Mr. T: Well, that's very kind of you.
O.G. Bobby J: No problemo. By the way, can you maybe call me, Mr. J?
Mr. T: Um, yea...sure. I like that.
O.G. Bobby J: Wait, no...scratch that. How bout, Mr. BJ? Wait...No! Fuck, that's gay. Oh, ok...call me Mr. B.
Mr. T: Oh, well ok.
O.G. Bobby J: Sorry, but should there be a period after my B?
Mr. T: No period
O.G. Bobby J: Gotcha! So, how's it going, Mr. T?
Mr. T: Not bad...Actually, today is my Birthday.
O.G. Bobby J: Um, let's try that again...How's it going, Mr. T?
Mr. T: Oh...right. Not bad, Mr. B. Thanks for asking.
O.G. Bobby J: Sure. So lets get started...what have you been up to? TCB?
Mr. T: TCB?
O.G. Bobby J: TCB! Taking Care of Business! Please tell me you amember that. It was like, your motto.
Mr. T: Oh...yes, yes. I do remember that.
O.G. Bobby J: Yea, that was great. So, tell us...what kinda business are you taking care of nowadays?
Mr. T: Well, you know...things have been kinda dificult the last couple years. One, I was diagnosed with--
O.G. Bobby J: Hey, do you still have that van? That was one bad ass van. Still got that?
Mr. T: No, I don't actually.
O.G. Bobby J: Oh, that sucks.
O.G. Bobby J: So, you forgot to answer...What kinda B have you been T C'ing?
Mr. T: Um, well recently...I've been really into crossword puzzles. Oh, and once a week I go to Checkers Night at my church.
O.G. Bobby J: Huh? Shit, dude! What the fuck are you talking about?
Mr. T: Checkers? You don't know checkers? It's like chess, but the pieces are flat. Kinda like beer caps, but red. Imagine a red beer cap. A red, plastic beer cap. Oops, let me back up...I forgot to mention, there are also blac--
O.G. Bobby J: Godammit, T! Shut up with all that! I know what checkers is! Don't say anything more about it.
Mr. T: Well, I just wanted to explain that there aren't just red piec--
O.G. Bobby J: T, what the fuck has happened to you? I said don't go any farther. Wait, I meant further. No, farther. Don't go any farther with that. I'm serious!
Mr. T: Oh, ok...sorry.
O.G. Bobby J: No sweat. Let's just move on...
Mr. T: k
O.G. Bobby J: Yo, you know who you look like? Like, almost exactly like?
Mr. T: Um...who?
O.G. Bobby J: Ice Cube. But, I bet you get that alot, huh?
Mr. T: Well...I'd have to say...No, I've never heard that before.
O.G. Bobby J: What? Give or take a mohawk or two, you guys are pretty much the same. How come no one ever agrees with me on that?
Mr. T: Yeah, I don't know, brother. I don't see it.
O.G. Bobby J: Well, whatever. Now...let's get down to the juicy. So...first it was Puffy, then Ben Affleck, and now, Marc Anthony? Tell me, how do you have time for all these boys?
Mr. T: What? I don't know any of those guys.
O.G. Bobby J: Oops...shit. Wrong pad. Let me see....oh...ok. Here we go. So, how is Hannibal from the A-Team? He was fearless, huh? Always had a plan.
Mr. T: Yea, he did...but sadly, he passed away a couple of years ago. I'm still dealing with that to this day.
O.G. Bobby J: He always wore those black gloves, huh? Amember that? I always thought wearing gloves in the summertime/California was tough. You amember those gloves?
Mr. T: Of course. Those gloves...ya know, he gave me those gloves right before he passed. I can't even look at them. He was a really great guy. Right before he died, he looked at me...tears in his eyes, and said..."T, you're the cham--
O.G. Bobby J: Not to cut you off, but I just thought of something...that thing you used to always say. What was it? Oh Yea!!...you would say, "I bet he the fool". That was so awesome. You would look the punk right in the face and say, "I bet he the fool!" You would say it as if you were talking about him, but you would say it right to his face. So bad-ass!
Mr. T: Wait, I'm confused.
O.G. Bobby J: Cmon, you would say it all the time. You would be like, "I bet he the fool that tries to play games on T!" I thought it was so awesome. I tattooed that across my back. I BET HE THE FOOL from shoulder to shoulder. That way, if I came out the shirt, niggas knew I was there to TCB.
Mr. T: Oh, I see. But, actually it was more like, "I pity the fool." Like, "I pity the fool that lays his hands on a woman".
O.G. Bobby J: Yea, totally. I bet he the fool, too. Fuckin' scumbag. Enough about that tho. Let's move on...
O.G. Bobby J: Now, I'm gonna ask you a question, and I want to have it answered immediately.
Mr. T: Is this gonna be about the trees?
O.G. Bobby J: No, but that was fucking crazy! T, you can't just move into a neighborhood and chainsaw 100 trees.
Mr. T: Yea, I got in alot of trouble for that.
O.G. Bobby J: So, back to my point...T, I'm gonna need you to explain this. What were you thinking?
Mr. T: Where did you find that??!!
O.G. Bobby J: Whoa, you wait just a fucking second!! I'm the one asking the questions here!
Mr. T: What? I can't ask a question?
O.G. Bobby J: T, I'm warning you!
Mr. T: I thought I was one of your favorite people. Why are you being like this?
O.G. Bobby J: Goddammit T, if you try to interview me one more time, I'm gonna come out this shirt. And trust me, I don't think you want to see the way I run my B. Now start explaining that tape!
Mr. T: You know...I don't think this is working out. This isn't quite what I was expecting.
O.G. Bobby J: Same here, shitbag!
Mr. T: Well, maybe I should just go then.
O.G. Bobby J: Maybe? Did you say maybe? Don't you maybe me, you fucking Dick Tease!
Mr. T: What? Dick Tease?
O.G. Bobby J: Wait. No...that came across wrong. I meant to say something like, "maybe's are for dick teases".
Mr. T: Right.
O.G. Bobby J: But, do you get what I meant?
Mr. T: You know...I don't think it really matters.
O.G. Bobby J: Whatever...nevermind.
Mr. T: Ok, so I think we're done here.
O.G. Bobby J: Really? Why? I mean, we were just getting started. Do you at least have time for one more question?
Mr. T: Go ahead.
O.G. Bobby J: What happened to your mohawk?
Mr. T: Oh, yeah, that's a tough one. Like I was saying before, in 2003 I was diagnosed with Canc--
O.G. Bobby J: Cuz, I've been thinking...You really look better with it. Tougher too.
Mr. T: Right, well thanks
O.G. Bobby J: Of course.
Mr. T: Um, well nice meeting you. You're a real nice guy.
O.G. Bobby J: Well, you're a real fucking bitch! Ever think of that?
Mr. T: Whatever you say. Listen, take care, ok?
O.G. Bobby J: Yea, and you too. Thanks again for stopping by. This has been awesome. I really mean that. You're way awesome to me.
Mr. T: Ok, thanks.
O.G. Bobby J: Well, ok...bye, Mr. T no period.

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